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Vision & Mission

Miami Cancer Research Center (MCRC) is a scientific and charitable organization that performs and supports cancer research, organizes educational events and provides support for cancer care at institutional and individual levels. The mission of the MCRC is to take part in the global fight against cancer through research, education and patient care support.

The objectives of MCRC are to:

  • Develop a platform for academic and community physicians to collaborate
  • Design and implement institutional research projects, support and coordinate research projects conducted by academic institutions, cancer centers, research foundations, and businesses through research grants and cooperative agreements.
  • Conduct research at its institutional laboratories and other collaborating laboratories and clinics.
  • Support pilot translational cancer research projects.
  • Collaborate with voluntary organizations and other national and international institutions engaged in cancer research and training activities.
  • Support education and training in oncology through conferences, career awards, training grants, and fellowships.
  • Support a network of community physicians and allied health care professionals involved in the care of cancer patients.
  • Collect and disseminate information on cancer.
  • Support the construction of laboratories, clinics, and related facilities necessary for cancer research through awards of construction grants.
  • Fundraising for cancer research from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Scope of Research at Miami Cancer Research Center

Miami Cancer Research Center performs and provides direct support to cancer scientists through fellowships, grants, and awards to perform cancer research. Our primary focus is to support and coordinate translational research that will lead to better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer with the ultimate goal of developing novel, targeted techniques for diagnosis and treatment. Miami Cancer Research Center conducts and supports research for diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, training, and the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients. The types of research and mechanisms of support of research at MCRC include:

  • Clinical research with Industry sponsorship/partnership
  • Translational/Clinical Research with institutional resources/grants
  • Translational/Basic Science research through academic partnerships with shared resources
  • Translational research with federal/state/county grants
  • Clinical and Translational Research with private foundation support