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MTOS 2023 Program

The symposium is a two-day program. The first day of the symposium on Friday, October 27, 2023, is where we will highlight Frontiers in Thyroid Oncology. This session brings together world-renowned experts presenting and discussing the state of the art in Thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment. The second day of the symposium on Saturday, October 28, 2023, will feature a workshop on Advances in Radioactive iodine (RAI) Theranostics, which will provide an in-depth overview of RAI theranostics and address current controversies on RAI imaging, ablation, and approaches for RAI-indifferent cancers


  • 7:00: Breakfast
  • 7:45: OPENING: Seza Gulec-Anthony McGoron
  • 8:00: Gulec: Milestones in thyroid oncology and current concepts in the genomic paradigm
  • 8:30: Fagin: Regulation of thyroid differentiation by TSH and its disruption by thyroid oncoproteins
  • 9:15: Cabanillas: Molecular landscape of thyroid cancer and oncoprotein targets for therapy
  • 10:00: Massoll: Transcriptional and post-transcriptional control mechanisms and mediators
  • 10:30: McGoron: Thyroid differentiation score
  • 11:00: PANEL DISCUSSION—Moderators: Nadel/Cabanillas/Gulec
  • 12:00: LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: The diagnostic and prognostic role of expanded multi-platform testing 
  • 13:00: Tezelman: The techniques for thyroidectomy and functional neck dissection
  • 13:30: Shaha: Surgical strategies and challenges in locally advanced disease
  • 14:15: Flavel: Beta knife thyroid remnant ablation: Trials and tribulations
  • 14:45: Mihailovic: I-131 imaging before and after RAI ablation
  • 15:15: Shaha: Surgical strategies and challenges in recurrent disease
  • 16:00: PANEL DISCUSSION—Moderators: Nadel/ Shaha/Gulec
  • 17:00 CLOSING REMARKS: Nadel-McGoron


  • 7:00 Breakfast
  • 7:45: OPENING: Seza Gulec-Anthony McGoron
  • 8:00: Gulec: Radioactive iodine theranostics in the genomic paradigm
  • 8:30: Fagin: Determinants of response and refractoriness to RAI therapy.
  • 9:15: Cabanillas: Clinical considerations in targeted therapies and redifferentiation strategies
  • 10:00: Smit: Prognostic and theranostic risk stratification systems
  • 10:30: Giovanella: Diagnostic, theranostic and prognostic value of Thyroglobulin
  • 11:00: PANEL DISCUSSION—Moderators: Nadel/Cabanillas/Gulec
  • 12:00: LUNCH SYMPOSIUM:Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic, Progressive, RAI-Refractory Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
  • 13:00: Gulec: Evolution of RAI dosimetry and radiobiology in the genomic paradigm
  • 13:30: Pandit I-124 imaging and dosimetry
  • 14:00: Sztenejnberg: Sub-voxel dosimetry: Follicular and cellular models
  • 14:30: Ahamad: Evolving radiobiological concepts in EBRT of thyroid cancer
  • 15:00: Massoll: Redefining thyroid cancer in the age of molecular pathology
  • 15:30: Grant: Intellectual and scientific basis of RAI therapy in the genomic paradigm
  • 16:00: PANEL DISCUSSION—Moderators: Nadel/DVN/Gulec

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